Alcohol free

Festillant, the non-alcoholic aperitif.
With its fine, elegant bubbles, Festillant is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine with fresh, fruity notes.

Festillant, unrestrained pleasure !

Fine bubbles without alcohol: a moment of pleasure among the everyday.

For more than 15 years, Festillant has been offering a range of non-alcoholic sparkling wine for every taste, from traditional, to flavoured, to rosé, to a standard version in a mini 200 ml bottle.

Festillant is a sparkling wine without alcohol intende for everyone : people who do not or cannot drink alcohol, or who just want to celebrate the joy of fine bubbles without restraint. Festillant is a key player in ‘Dry January’ and helps all drinkers who want a break from alcohol after the New Year celebrations, as well as the rest of the year!

Festillant, life without restraint!

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Festillant Sparkling wines

There are two methods for making non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

There are wines made from grape juice to which carbon dioxide is then added. Or there is the second method, the higher quality option: after harvesting, the grapes go through a process of natural fermentation in vats that create the bubbles.

With this method, the alcohol is then removed from the wine via a triple distillation process at a low temperature. This process retains the organoleptic properties of the base wine and ensures an exceptional taste experience. The wine is then bottled.

Festillant Key figures

years of experience
million bottles sold per year
brand for alcohol-free sparkling wines*
27 000
fans on Facebook
* Sources: Iri – CAM P13 2021 HM+SM+Proxi+Drive
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