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Bordeaux – IGP Gironde-Sur-Dropt

Aristide Mau created the company in 1897. At the beginning of the next century, his son Yvon rode his penny farthing through the vineyards seeking out the very best wines. This ‘treasure hunter’ spirit was then passed down to Michel and on to Jean-François Mau.

Based at the heart of Bordeaux’s Entre-Deux-Mers for five generations, Yvon Mau has always been a key player in the Bordeaux wine region.

Today, the Yvon Mau site produces and ships more than 20 million bottles of still wine under the Bordeaux appellation and PGI.


Strongly rooted in the Bordeaux wine region, Yvon Mau is constantly developing and optimising its partnership with viticulture, whether winegrowers’ vineyards or flagship cooperative wineries.

Guided by a constant pursuit of impeccable quality wine, Yvon Mau does its utmost to select and supply high-quality wines.

Boasting a sophisticated, high-performance purchasing and quality department, the company also has its own analysis laboratory. Planning, supply chain, logistics and production services all work actively together to enable winemaking that keeps customer satisfaction constantly in mind.

Nearly 60 employees strive daily to ensure the excellence and quality of the wines they make.

The site also has IFS and BRC certification, and has been awarded the ‘Blue Label’ (the highest level) from its British client Tesco for four years in a row. In addition, Yvon Mau in partnership with the CIVB (Bordeaux Wine Council) has committed to an environmental approach by joining the first association for Bordeaux wine SMEs to hold ISO 14001 certification, and by getting involved in CIVB’s ‘Bordeaux Cultivons Demain’ project.

Brands Still wines Bordeaux

Still wine brands and Bordeaux chateaus.

All Bordeaux wines (brands and chateaus) and PGI wines from Freixenet Gratien are bottled onsite in Gironde-Sur-Dropt. They benefit from the highest standards for quality and consistency, and thus provide our consumers with impeccable quality, from grape selection to marketing.

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Saumur & Crémant de Loire Saumur

A human encounter between two wine enthusiasts, Alfred Gratien and Jean Albert Meyer, resulted in the creation of Gratien & Meyer in 1864, thus paving the way for 150 years of tradition and expertise.

Nestled into hillsides and overlooking the radiant Valley of the Kings ever since it was first founded, Gratien & Meyer still stands majestically over the Loire. Here, modern techniques are only used to better serve tradition, and allow Loire’s fine bubbles to be made available in France and on foreign markets with respect for the Saumur and Crémant de Loire applications.


In a daily commitment, from bottling to labelling to maturation in cellars, every single step in the production process is performed on the Saumur site by a team of men and women passionate about a job well done.

Gratien & Meyer has been committed to a CSR approach for several years, and signed its official charter with an approved body in 2020. Various specific activities are already underway: HVE (‘high environmental value’) certification for our vineyards from the 2022 vintage, sorting and recycling of 92% of our waste (reduction in waste by 55% within two years, moving from 101 to 65 g of waste per bottle), etc.

our Saumur & crémant de Loire

Exploring Gratien & Meyer sparkling wines.

Seeking out consumers that combine elegance with French expertise, Gratien & Meyer wines can be found in France and numerous export markets. Gratien & Meyer is first and foremost a family company that offers anyone interested an opportunity to explore its history and wines, visit its wineries and attend summer events.

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Champagne Epernay

At the heart of the Champagne wine region, just a few steps from the centre of Epernay you will find the Champagne Alfred Gratien cellars. This is where Alfred Gratien settled to create his first wines in 1864. For more than a century and a half, Alfred Gratien champagne has remained in family hands, passing on its founder’s expertise.


If the exceptional had a name, it would certainly be Alfred Gratien.

A small scale business founded in 1864, making exceptional wines with the purest respect for artisan traditions and expertise, passed down from generation to generation by the Jaeger family, cellar masters from father to son for more than a hundred years.

The Alfred Gratien signature represents something unique, the exceptional qualities that can be found throughout the process of making these fine wines. First of all comes a selection of the best grapes: each wine is made from 62% Grands Crus and Premiers Crus. Next, the entire winemaking process is performed in oak in a century-old winery. This is a unique technique used only by Alfred Gratien, across all of its creations.

This style and impact makes every tasting experience a unique moment and unforgettable memory.

our Champagne

Exploring Alfred Gratien champagnes.

In order to give its exceptional wines the spotlight they deserve, Alfred Gratien throws open its doors to allow enthusiasts to explore the champagne, its family history, its unique style, its century-old winery, and its cellars 18 metres underground where you will experience the unique heart of the company, before ending a visit with a guided tasting in the winery shop.

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